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The Furrow and Us als Taschenbuch

The Furrow and Us

Sprache: Englisch.
Released here in a sixtieth anniversary edition and updated and introduced by Walter Thomas Jack's great-grandson Zachary, this new edition of The Furrow and Us serves as a clarion call to steward the natural and familial heritage of the soil.


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The Furrow and Us als Taschenbuch


Titel: The Furrow and Us
Autor/en: Walter Thomas Jack

ISBN: 076183317X
EAN: 9780761833178
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Zachary Michael Jack

September 2005 - kartoniert - 81 Seiten


Released here in a sixtieth anniversary edition and updated and introduced by Walter Thomas Jack's great-grandson Zachary, this new edition of The Furrow and Us serves as a clarion call to steward the natural and familial heritage of the soil.


Chapter 1 Editor's Preface Chapter 2 Acknowledgments Chapter 3 Introduction Chapter 4 Part One: Sentiment Chapter 5 Part Two: Soil Chapter 6 Part Three: Soil and Sentiment Chapter 7 Appendix Chapter 8 Notes Chapter 9 About the Editor


Zachary M. Jack is Assistant Professor of English at North Central College and a fourth generation Iowa farmer's son.


Poisoned water, infertile land, unhealthy food. Sixty years ago, a Quaker farmer predicted these results of big farming. It's not too late to heed his warning. -- Dr. Robert T. Rhode, author of The Harvest Story: Recollections of Old-Time Threshermen The Furrow and Us belongs on the shelf of everyone concerned with organic farming, agricultural history, soil conservation, and all who cherish our agronomic heritage ... Thanks to Zachary Jack, whose introduction is itself a bit of brilliant agricultural history, we have this fascinating book available again. -- Dr. Charles E. Little, author of Green Fields Forever, Louis Bromfield at Malabar, and Hope for the Land This edited and updated version of Walter Thomas Jack's conservation classic, The Furrow and Us, is a timely reminder that American farmers have long grappled with many of the public resource issues that preoccupy environmentally conscious citizens in these more urbanized times... Zachary Michael Jack's thoughtful Preface artfully constructs a contemporary framework for linking the original author's times, insights, and priorities with the problems and concerns that bedevil all of us who are concerned about the future of rural life in America and the implications of industrialized agriculture for people and the land in these times. -- Dr. Max Geier, University of Western Oregon Professor Zachary Jack provides a timely service with this updated edition of The Furrow and Us. Authored by his great-grandfather sixty years ago, the original edition offered a much needed antidote to Edward Faulkner's highly publicized Plowman's Folly... Consisting of succinct, reflective, and technical essays, this short treatise deserves wide readership among academics, policy-makers, and the general public. -- Dr. Glenn Harris, St. Lawrence University The Furrow and Us is an...informative guide to the intricacies that are the everyday work life of the experienced farmer...highly recommended read for the ecologist, soil conservationists, practicing farmers, and students of agriculture and agronomy. Wisconsin Bookwatch A message from the past still ... thoroughly modern, The Furrow and Us is the work of a visionary writer. -- Dr. Brooks Blevins, author of Hill Folks: A History of Arkansas Ozarkers and Their Image This classic collection is more than just a legacy. If we place Jack's concerns about sustainable growth, local ecologies, and organic methods in the twenty-first century, where they certainly belong, we can see that his vision about the appropriate relationship between a farmer and the soil is also a vision about our own health...a must read for all Iowans who seek some basic knowledge in order to participate in the ongoing debates about soil fertility and healthy agriculture. -- Barbara J. Dilly The Annals Of Iowa
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