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Advanced Parallel Processing Technologies als Buch

Advanced Parallel Processing Technologies

6th International Workshop, APPT 2005, Hong Kong, China, October 27-28, 2005, Proceedings. 'Lecture Notes in…
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Welcome to the proceedings of APPT 2005: the 6th International Workshop on Advanced Parallel Processing Technologies. APPT is a biennial workshop on parallel and distributed processing. Its scope covers all aspects of parallel and distributed computi … weiterlesen


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Advanced Parallel Processing Technologies als Buch


Titel: Advanced Parallel Processing Technologies

ISBN: 3540296395
EAN: 9783540296393
6th International Workshop, APPT 2005, Hong Kong, China, October 27-28, 2005, Proceedings.
'Lecture Notes in Computer Science'. 'Theoretical Computer Science and General Issues'.
Auflage 2005.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Jiannong Cao, Wolfgang Nejdl, Ming Xu
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

21. Oktober 2005 - kartoniert - 544 Seiten


Welcome to the proceedings of APPT 2005: the 6th International Workshop on Advanced Parallel Processing Technologies. APPT is a biennial workshop on parallel and distributed processing. Its scope covers all aspects of parallel and distributed computing technologies, including architectures, software systems and tools, algorithms, and applications. APPT originated from collaborations by researchers from China and Germany and has evolved to be an international workshop. APPT 2005 was the sixth in the series. The past ?ve workshops were held in Beijing, Koblenz, Changsha, Ilmenau, and Xiamen, respectively. The Program Committee is pleased to present the proceedings for APPT 2005. This year, APPT 2005 received over 220 submissions from researchers all over the world. All the papers were peer reviewed by two to three Program Committee members on their relevance, originality, signi?cance, technical qu- ity, and presentation. Based on the review result, 55 high-quality papers were selected to be included in the proceedings. The papers in this volume represent the forefront of research on parallel processing and related ?elds by researchers from China, Germany, USA, Korea, India, and other countries. The papers - cepted cover a wide range of exciting topics, including architectures, software, networking, and applications.


Keynote Speech.- Research Issues in Adapting Computing to Small Devices.- Mobile Context-Aware Systems - Linking the Physical and Digital World.- Architecture.- A Data Transformations Based Approach for Optimizing Memory and Cache Locality on Distributed Memory Multiprocessors.- A Fetch Policy Maximizing Throughput and Fairness for Two-Context SMT Processors.- A Loop Transformation Using Two Parallel Region Partitioning Method.- Criticality Based Speculation Control for Speculative Multithreaded Architectures.- Design and Implementation of Semantic Caching Coherency Control Scheme Toward Distributed Environment.- Energy Efficient United L2 Cache Design with Instruction/Data Filter Scheme.- Improving Latency Tolerance of Network Processors Through Simultaneous Multithreading.- RIMP: Runtime Implicit Predication.- Static Partitioning vs Dynamic Sharing of Resources in Simultaneous MultiThreading Microarchitectures.- Algorithm and Theory.- Autonomous-Centered Problem Allocation Oriented to Cooperation.- Contention-Free Communication Scheduling for Irregular Data Redistribution in Parallelizing Compilers.- Experiments on Asynchronous Partial Gauss-Seidel Method.- Improved Program Dependence Graph and Algorithm for Static Slicing Concurrent Programs.- Parallelisation of Sequential Programs by Invasive Composition and Aspect Weaving.- Revisiting the Election Problem in Asynchronous Distributed Systems.- Scheduling Scheme with Fairness and Adaptation in the Joint Allocation of Heterogeneous Resources.- Solving the Symmetric Tridiagonal Eigenproblem Using MPI/OpenMP Hybrid Parallelization.- Trust Management with Safe Privilege Propagation.- Vector Space Based on Hierarchical Weighting: A Component Ranking Approach to Component Retrieval.- System and Software.- A High Availability Mechanism for Parallel File System.- A User-Guided Semi-automatic Parallelization Method and Its Implementation.- CAPU: Enhancing P2P File Sharing System with Capacity Aware Topology.- Implementing Component Persistence in CCM Based on StarPSS.- Load Balancing Design Issues on Prefetch-Based DSM Systems.- Task Assignment for Network Processor Pipelines Using GA.- Test-Suite Reduction Using Genetic Algorithm.- Grid Computing.- A Constellation Model for Grid Resource Management.- An Effective Information Service Architecture in Grid Environment.- An Efficient Data Management System with High Scalability for ChinaGrid Support Platform.- CGSP: An Extensible and Reconfigurable Grid Framework.- Early Experience of Remote and Hot Service Deployment with Trustworthiness in CROWN Grid.- Grid Developing Environment in CGSP System.- Grid Job Support System in CGSP.- JFreeSim: A Grid Simulation Tool Based on MTMSMR Model.- OOML-Based Ontologies and Its Services for Information Retrieval in UDMGrid.- Networking.- A Hybrid Integrated QoS Multicast Routing Algorithm in IP/DWDM Optical Internet.- An Efficient Distributed Broadcasting Algorithm for Ad Hoc Networks.- Chaos-Based Dynamic QoS Scheme and Simulating Analysis.- Dynamic Delaunay Triangulation for Wireless Ad Hoc Network.- Energy Efficient Multipath Routing in Large Scale Sensor Networks with Multiple Sink Nodes.- FLC: A Novel Dynamic Buffer Tuner for Shortening Service Roundtrip Time over the Internet by Eliminating User-Level Buffer Overflow on the Fly.- Intelligent Congestion Avoidance in Differentiated Service Networks.- Rule-Based Anomaly Detection of Inter-domain Routing System.- Transaction of Web Services Based on Struts.- Applied Technologies.- A Method of Aggregate Query Matching in Semantic Cache for Massive Database Applications.- A Parallel Modular Exponentiation Scheme for Transformed Exponents.- Content Selection Model for Adaptive Content Delivery.- Dynamic Service Provisioning for Multiplayer Online Games.- Principal Component Analysis for Distributed Data Sets with Updating.- Priority Conscious Transaction Routing in a Real-Time Shared Disks Cluster.- Probabilistic Continuous Update Scheme in Location Dependent Continuous Queries.- SIP-Based Adaptive Multimedia Transmissions for Wired and Wireless Networks.- WM+: An Optimal Multi-pattern String Matching Algorithm Based on the WM Algorithm.
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