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Globalization and Citizenship in the Asia-Pacific als Buch

Globalization and Citizenship in the Asia-Pacific

Auflage 1999. Sprache: Englisch.
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Millions of people around the Asia-Pacific region are suffering from the twin effects of globalization and exclusionary nationality laws. Some are migrant workers without rights in host countries; some are indigenous peoples who are not accorded thei … weiterlesen


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Globalization and Citizenship in the Asia-Pacific als Buch


Titel: Globalization and Citizenship in the Asia-Pacific

ISBN: 0312217986
EAN: 9780312217983
Auflage 1999.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von A. Davidson, K. Weekley
Palgrave Macmillan UK

12. August 1999 - gebunden - 252 Seiten


Millions of people around the Asia-Pacific region are suffering from the twin effects of globalization and exclusionary nationality laws. Some are migrant workers without rights in host countries; some are indigenous peoples who are not accorded their full rights in their own countries. Yet others are refugees escaping from regimes that have no respect for human rights. This collection of essays discusses the ways in which citizenship laws in the region might be made consistent with human dignity. It considers the connectedness of national belonging and citizenship in East and Southeast Asian and Pacific states including Australia; the impact of mass migration, cultural homogenization and other effects of globalization on notions of citizenship; and possibilities of commitment to a transnational democratic citizenship that respects cultural difference.


Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction; K.Weekley PART I: CITIZENSHIP IN THE GLOBAL CONTEXT Citizenship and the Other in the Age of Migration; S.Castles Citizenship in the Asia-Pacific: A Survey of Contemporary Issues; G.Hassall PART II: ORDER-CREATING CITIZENSHIP Australia's Citizenship Void; B.Galligan and J.Chesterman Globalization and Citizenship in Malaysia; T.Rajamoorthy Citizenship in Papua New Guinea; G.Hassall and S.Singin Australia's Journey Towards a Multicultural Citizenship; A.Jordens The Democratizing Function of Citizenship in the Philippines; M.S.Diokno PART III: EMPOWERMENT-CREATING CITIZENSHIP The Concept of Citizenship in the People's Republic of China; L.Buyun and W.Yuzhang Citizenship and Sustainable Development in the Philippines; M.L.Dacanay Democracy and Culture in Tonga; M.Koloamatangi Indigenous Peoples and the Globalization of Rights; M.Dodson PART IV: TOWARDS A SHARED THEORY OF CITIZENSHIP Never the Twain Shall Meet? Europe, Asia and the Citizen; A.Davidson Index


STEPHEN CASTLES Research Professor of Sociology and Coordinator of the Migration and Multicultural Studies Program, University of Wollongong
JOHN CHESTERMAN Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at James Cook University in Queensland
MARIE LISA DACANAY Manager of the Field Operations Department and Head of the Task Force for Organizational Development, Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement
MARIA SERENA I. DIOKNO Professor of History at the University of the Philippines
MICHAEL DODSON Chair of the United Nations Advisory Group for the Voluntary Fund for the Decade of Indigenous Peoples and a member of the Board of Trustees of the United Nations Indigenous Voluntary Fund
BRAIN GALLIGAN Professor of Political Science and Director of the Centre for Public Policy at the University of Melbourne
GRAHAM HASSALL Associate Director of the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies and an Associate of the International Centre for Conflict Resolution at the University of Melbourne
ANN-MARI JORDENS former Senior Officer in the Australian Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs and currently an historical consultant in Canberra
MALAKAI KOLOAMATANGI MA in Political Studies from the University of Auckland
LI BUYUN Deputy Director of the Human Rights Centre at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
T. RAJAMOORTHT Senior Lawyer of the Malaysian Bar and one of the founders of the Regional Council on Human Rights in Asia
SUMASY SINGIN Secretary of the Papua New Guinea Law Reform Commission
WU YUZHANG Associate Professor at the Institute of Law in Beijing


'A far reaching and important contribution to the growing interest in the problems of citizenship in a global environment. The volume clearly identifies and debates the inherent ambiguities and contradictions of citizenship in the modern world. Although in recent years there has been a robust flurry of publications in the field of citizenship studies, few have concentrated so specifically on the Asia Pacific region. The volume contains a rich offering of papers on Malaya, Philippines, China, Tonga, New Caladonia and Pacific Islands.

Finally, the book is clearly at the cutting edge of the emerging debate about the place for and possibility of national citizenship within a framework of political globalization. There is a clear need to address the questions of human rights in relation to citizenship as a legal status within the nation-state in a globalized world where state sovereignty is being eroded.' - Brian S. Turner, Deakin University Australia

'This volume is an outstanding contribution to the international literature on Citizenship internationally. The writing is clear and accessible and many of the contributions are of the highest academic order. Anyone interested in either Citizenship or Globalization should read the book.' - Professor Wayne Hudson, National Institute for Law, Ethics and Public Affairs, Griffith University, Australia
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