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Natural Products

Drug Discovery and Therapeutic Medicine. Auflage 2005. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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New Possibilities for Natural Products
Drug Discovery and Therapeutics


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Titel: Natural Products

ISBN: 1588293831
EAN: 9781588293831
Drug Discovery and Therapeutic Medicine.
Auflage 2005.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Arnold L. Demain, Lixin Zhang
Humana Press

15. April 2005 - gebunden - 400 Seiten


Although the natural product drug discovery programs of the large drug companies are now equaled by programs for the high throughput screening of synthetic compounds generated through combinatorial chemistry, natural compounds still hold great promise to overcome such problems as antibiotic resistance, the emergence of new diseases, the failure to conquer old diseases, and the toxicity of some contemporary medical products. In Natural Products: Drug Discovery and Therapeutic Medicine, a panel of recognized experts and leaders in the field discuss the past successes of natural products as medicines and review future possibilities arising from both conventional and new technologies. High-performance liquid chromatography profiling, combinatorial synthesis, genomics, proteomics, DNA shuffling, bioinformatics, and genetic manipulation all now make it possible to rapidly evaluate the activities of extracts as well as purified components derived from microbes, plants, and marine organisms. The authors apply these methods to new natural product drug discovery, to accessing microbial diversity, to investigating specific groups of products (Chinese herbal drugs, antitumor drugs from microbes and plants, terpenoids, and arsenic compounds), and to exploiting specific sources (the sea, rainforest, and endophytes). These new opportunities show how research and development trends in the pharmaceutical industry can advance to include both synthetic compounds and natural products, and how this paradigm shift can be more productive and efficacious.
State-of-the-art and forward looking, Natural Products: Drug Discovery and Therapeutic Medicine will inspire industrial and academic researchers, practitioners, and developers to once again explore natural products as key sources for the many new drugs needed to solve still unmet medical needs.


Part I. Fundamental Issues Related to Natural Product-Based Drug Delivery

Natural Products and Drug Discovery
Arnold L. Demain and Lixin Zhang

Part II. Strategies

Integrated Approaches for Discovering Novel Drugs From Microbial Natural Products
Lixin Zhang

Automated Analyses of HPLC Profiles of Microbial Extracts: A New Tool for Drug Discovery Screening
José R. Tormo and Juan B. García

Manipulating Microbial Metabolites for Drug Discovery and Production
C. Richard Hutchinson

Improving Drug Discovery From Microorganisms
Chris M. Farnet and Emmanuel Zazopoulos

Developments in Strain Improvement Technology: Evolutionary Engineering of Industrial Microorganisms Through Gene, Pathway, and Genome Shuffling
Stephen B. del Cardayré

Part III. Specific Groups of Drugs

The Discovery of Anticancer Drugs From Natural Sources
David J. Newman and Gordon M. Cragg

Case Studies in Natural-Product Optimization: Novel Antitumor Agents Derived From Taxus brevifolia and Catharanthus roseus
Jian Hong and Shu-Hui Chen

Terpenoids As Therapeutic Drugs and Pharmaceutical Agents
Guangyi Wang, Weiping Tang, and Robert R. Bidigare

Challenges and Opportunities in the Chinese Herbal Drug Industry
Wei Jia and Lixin Zhang

Arsenic Trioxide and Leukemia: From Bedside to Bench
Guo-Qiang Chen, Qiong Wang, Hua Yan, and Zhu Chen

Part IV. Microbial Diversity

New Methods to Access Microbial Diversity for Small Molecule Discovery
Karsten Zengler, Ashish Paradkar, and Martin Keller

Accessing the Genomes of Uncultivated Microbes for Novel Natural Products
Asuncion Martinez, Joern Hopke, Ian A. MacNeil, and Marcia S. Osburne

Part V. Specific Sources

New Natural-Product Diversity From Marine Actinomycetes
Paul R. Jensen and WilliamFenical

Novel Natural Products From Rainforest Endophytes
Gary Strobel, Bryn Daisy, and Uvidelio Castillo

Biological, Economic, Ecological, and Legal Aspects of Harvesting Traditional Medicine in Ecuador
Alexandra Guevara-Aguirre and Ximena Chiriboga



From the reviews:

"Natural Products, Drug Discovery and Therapeutic Medicine timely shares the experience of renowned scientist from academy and industry working in the field. ... a very comprehensive tool that will help everybody interested in the discovery of natural products. I highly recommend this book for those who want to understand the potential of drug development from natural products in the light of modern knowledge and technology as well as for individuals who want to understand history of pass successes in drug discovery from natural products." (Sonia Mesia-Vela, Phytomedicine, Vol. 13, 2006)
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