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Plasma Processing of Polymers als Buch
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Plasma Processing of Polymers

'NATO Science Series E'. 1998. Auflage. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Plasma Treatments and Deposition of Polymers, Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy, May 19-June 2, 1996


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Plasma Processing of Polymers als Buch


Titel: Plasma Processing of Polymers

ISBN: 0792348591
EAN: 9780792348597
'NATO Science Series E'.
1998. Auflage.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Ricardo D'Agostino, Pietro Favia, Francesco Fracassi
Springer Netherlands

30. November 1997 - gebunden - 546 Seiten


Cold-plasma modification of polymers and deposition of thin polymer fIlms is a branch of science characterised by an increasing popularity in the last few years for the targe number of new industrial processes which have been realised by its application. Most plasma scientists can attest this through their everyday experience: many technologists, independently of the size of their company address demands for new products in e. g. electronics, automotive components, optics, food and pharmaceutical packaging, biomedical and surgical equipments, etc. The unique common need of this variety of applications is that the products feature "surfaces" with tailored and unusual properties, which enable their use where otherwise would be impossible to conventional materials. Plasma produced-, or plasma modified-polymers can, in fact, be considered an entirely novel class of materials with tuneable properties showing e. g. chemical inertness or enhanced reactivity, hardness, variable refractive index, hydro-phobicity and -philicity , adhesivity, dyebility, blood compatibility, bacterial infection resistance, etc. The NATO-ASI course on PLASMA TREATMENT AND DEPOSmON OF POLYMERS, held May 19-June 2, 1996, in Acquafredda di Maratea, ltaly, has been designed with an effort to balance not only industrial applications, fundamental bases of plasma physics and chemistry, and diagnostics, but also different international schools of plasma processes with their different or controversial approaches.


Preface. 1: Fundamentals and Gas Phase Diagnostics. PE- CVD of Polymer Films: Mechanisms, Chemistry and Diagnostics; R. d'Agostino. Architecture of RF Plasma Reactors; F. Fracassi. Optical and Electrical Diagnostics of Low Pressure Plasmas; D.S. Mataras, D.E. Rapakoulias. Plasma Diagnostic by Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy; Y. Segui, P. Raynaud. Microwave and Dual Frequency Plasma Processing; M.R. Wertheimer, et al. Kinetics of Radicals in Fluorocarbon Plasmas for Treatment of Polymers; A.D. Tserepi, et al. 2: Surface Dynamics and Treatments. Surface Dynamics and Plasma Polymers; H.K. Yasuda. Study of the Plasma Treated Polymers and the Stability of the Surface Properties; F. Arefi-Khonsari, et al. 3: Surface Diagnostics. Surface Diagnostics of Plasma-Treated Materials; B.D. Ratner. Surface Characterization of Oriented Afterglow Fluorocarbon Films; D.G. Castner. 4: Tribology and Transport Properties. Scanning Probe Microscopy of Polymer Surfaces; J.E. Klemberg-Sapieha. Plasma Deposition and Testing of Hard Coatings on Plastics; L. Martinu. Transport Properties of Polymers; L. De Rosa, et al. 5: Materials and Applications. Interface Engineering by Low Temperature Plasma Processes; H.K. Yasuda. Plasma Deposition from Organosilicon Monomers; Y. Segui. Mechanism in Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition from Organosilicon Feeds; R. Lamendola, R. d'Agostino. Silicon-Carbon Thin-Film Materials Produced from Organosilanes in a Remote Hydrogen Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition; A.M. Wróbel, Y. Yatanaka. Plasmachemical Modification of Natural Polymers; J. Behnisch. Composite Films Metal/Plasma Polymer, Recent Development, Current andPossible Applications; H. Biederman, et al. Plasma Modification at Atmospheric pressure; M. Kogoma, et al. Plasma Treatments of Powders; T. Ihara. Plasma Vacuum UV Effects on Polymers; A. Holländer, et al. Diamine-Plasma Deposited Poly(Hydroxyethylmethacrylate) Microspheres as Specific Sorbents for Removal of Copper(II) Ions; A. Denízli, et al. Degradation Effects of Plasma and Corona on Polymers; M.R. Wertheimer, R. Bartnikas. 6: Biomaterials. Biomaterials Science: Overview and Opportunities with Special Reference to Organic and Polymeric Glow Discharge Plasma Treatments; B.D. Ratner. RF Plasma Deposited PEO-Like Films: Surface Characterization and Inhibition of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Accumulation; E.E. Johnston, et al. Preparation of a Single Layer Enzyme Electrode by Plasma Polymerization Technique; M. Mutlu, et al. Process Control in Plasma-Deposition and Plasma- Treatments of Polymeric Biomaterials; P. Favia. 7: Industrial Viewpoint and Economic Issues. Economics of Transparent Barrier Coatings; V. Pische. An Experimental PECVD Investigation &endash; From an Industrial Viewpoint; J.R. Wagner Jr., M.N. Hirsh. Index.
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