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System on Chip Design Languages als Buch
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System on Chip Design Languages

Extended papers: best of FDL'01 and HDLCon'01. 2002. Auflage. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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Extended Papers: Best of FDL'01 and HDLCon'01


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System on Chip Design Languages als Buch


Titel: System on Chip Design Languages

ISBN: 1402070462
EAN: 9781402070464
Extended papers: best of FDL'01 and HDLCon'01.
2002. Auflage.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Lynn Horobin, Anne Mignotte, Eugenio Villar
Springer US

30. April 2002 - gebunden - 296 Seiten


This book is the third in a series of books collecting the best papers from the three main regional conferences on electronic system design languages, HDLCon in the United States, APCHDL in Asia-Pacific and FDL in Europe. Being APCHDL bi-annual, this book presents a selection of papers from HDLCon'Ol and FDL'OI. HDLCon is the premier HDL event in the United States. It originated in 1999 from the merging of the International Verilog Conference and the Spring VHDL User's Forum. The scope of the conference expanded from specialized languages such as VHDL and Verilog to general purpose languages such as C++ and Java. In 2001 it was held in February in Santa Clara, CA. Presentations from design engineers are technical in nature, reflecting real life experiences in using HDLs. EDA vendors presentations show what is available - and what is planned-for design tools that utilize HDLs, such as simulation and synthesis tools. The Forum on Design Languages (FDL) is the European forum to exchange experiences and learn of new trends, in the application of languages and the associated design methods and tools, to design complex electronic systems. FDL'OI was held in Lyon, France, around seven interrelated workshops, Hardware Description Languages, Analog and Mixed signal Specification, C/C++ HW/SW Specification and Design, Design Environments & Languages, Real-Time specification for embedded Systems, Architecture Modeling and Reuse and System Specification & Design Languages.


Contributors. Preface.
HDL standardization. 1. HDLCon'01. VHDL-2001: What's new; P.J.Menchini, J. Bhasker 2. HDLCon'01. Verilog-2001. Behavioral and Synthesis Enhancements; C.E. Cummings. 3. HDLCon'01. Advanced ASIC Sign-off Features of IEEE 1076.4-2000 and Standards Updates to Verilog and SDF; S. Wadsworth, D. Brophy.
Analog System Modeling And Design. 4. FDL'01. VHDL-AMS model of a synchronous oscillator including phase noise; A. Fakhfakh, N. Milet-Lewis, J-B. Bégueret, H. Lévi. 5. FDL'01. AnalogSL: A C++ Library for Modeling analog power drivers; Ch. Grimm, P.Oehler, Ch. Meise, K. Waldschmidt, W. Frey. 6. FDL'01. Modeling micro-mechanical structures for system simulations; L.M. Voßkämper, R. Schmid, G. Pelz. 7. HDLCon'01. A Comparison of Mixed-Signal Modeling Approaches; G.D. Peterson. 8. FDL'01. A unified IP Design Platform for extremely flexible High Performance RF and AMS Macros using Standard Design Tools; R. Wittmann, D. Bierbaum, P. Ruhanen, W. Schardein, M. Darianian. 9. FDL'01. Analogue Filter Synthesis from VHDL-AMS; F.A. Hamid, T.J. Kazmierski.
System Design Experiences. 10. Con'01. Using GNU Make to Automate the Recompile of VHDL SoC Designs; M.D. McKinney. 11. HDLCon'01. Wild Blue Yonder: Experiences in Designing an FPGA with State Machines for a Modern Fighter Jet, Using VHDL and Design Book; B.L. Snyder. 12. FDL'01. Analysis of Modeling and Simulation Capabilities in SystemC and Ocapi using a Video Filter Design; B. Thörnberg, M. O'Nils. 13. FDL'01. The Guidelines and JPEG Encoder StudyCase of System-Level Architecture Exploration Using the SpecC Methodology; L. Cai, M. Olivarez, D. Gajski. 14. FDL'01. Provision and Integration of EDA Web-Services using WSDL-based Markup; H-J Eikerling, W. Thronicke, S. Bublitz.
System Verification. 15. HDLCon'01. A Mixed C/Verilog Dual-Platform Simulator; D.A. Burgoon, E.W. Powell, J.A. Sundragon Waitz. 16. HDLCon'01. Assertions Targeting a Diverse Set of Verification Tools; H.D. Foster, C.N. Coelho, Jr. 17. HDLCon'00. Predicting the Performance of SoC Verification Techniques; G. D. Peterson.
System Specification. 18. FDL'01. Aspects of object-oriented hardware modeling with SystemC-Plus ; E. Grimpe, F. Oppenheimer. 19. FDL'01. UML for system-level design; P. Green, M. Edwards, S. Essa. 20. FDL'01. Open PROMOL: An Experimental Language for Target Program Modification; V. Ðtuikys, R. Damaðevièius, G. Ziberkas. 21. FDL'01. A system benchmark specification experiment with Esterel/C; L. Ribas, J. Saiz, J. Carrabina.
Real-Time Modeling. 22. FDL'01. Modeling of real-time embedded systems by using SDL; A. Alkhodre, J-H. Babau, J-J. Schwarz. 23. FDL'01. A framework for specification and verification of timing constraints; E. Villar. 24. FDL'01. A general approach to modeling system-level timing constraints; M. Jersak, D. Ziegenbein, R. Ernst.
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