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Cognitive Development in Chimpanzees als Buch
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Cognitive Development in Chimpanzees

Auflage 2006. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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This book on cognitive development in chimpanzees is the first of its kind to focus on infants reared by their own mothers within a natural setting. It illustrates various aspects of chimpanzee cognition and the developmental changes accompanying the … weiterlesen

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Cognitive Development in Chimpanzees als Buch


Titel: Cognitive Development in Chimpanzees
Autor/en: Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Masaki Tomonaga, Masayuki Tanaka

ISBN: 4431302468
EAN: 9784431302469
Auflage 2006.
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Masaki Tomonaga, Masayuki Tanaka
Springer Japan

21. März 2006 - gebunden - 552 Seiten


From an evolutionary perspective, understanding chimpanzees offers a way of understanding the basis of human nature. This book on cognitive development in chimpanzees is the first of its kind to focus on infants reared by their own mothers within a natural setting, illustrating various aspects of chimpanzee cognition and the developmental changes accompanying them. The subjects are chimpanzees of three generations inhabiting an enriched environment, as well as a wild community in West Africa. There is a foreword by Jane Goodall and 26 color photos of chimpanzees in the laboratory and in the field in West Africa are included.


Foreword by Jane GoodallPreface by Tetsuro MatsuzawaPart 1 Introduction to Cognitive Development in Chimpanzees1. Sociocognitive Development in Chimpanzees: A Synthesis of Laboratory Work and FieldworkTetsuro MatsuzawaPart 2 Behavioral and Physical Foundation2. A New Comparative Perspective on Prenatal Motor Behaviors: Preliminary Research with Four-Dimensional UltrasonographyHideko Takeshita, Masako Myowa-Yamakoshi, and Satoshi Hirata3. Cognitive Abilities Before Birth: Learning and Long-Lasting Memory in a Chimpanzee FetusNobuyuki Kawai4. Spindle Neurons in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex of Humans and Great ApesMotoharu Hayashi5. Descent of the Larynx in Chimpanzees: Mosaic and Multiple-Step Evolution of the Foundations for Human SpeechTakeshi Nishimura6. Understanding the Growth Pattern of Chimpanzees: Does It Conserve the Pattern of the Common Ancestor of Humans and Chimpanzees?Yuzuru Hamada and Toshifumi Udono7. The Application of a Human Personality Test to Chimpanzees and Survey of Polymorphism in Genes Relating to Neurotransmitters and HormonesMiho Inoue-Murayama, Emi Hibino, Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Satoshi Hirata, Osamu Takenaka, Ikuo Hayasaka, Shin'ichi Ito, and Yuichi MurayamaPart 3 Communication and Mother-Infant Relationship8. Evolutionary Origins of the Human Mother-Infant RelationshipTetsuro Matsuzawa9. Development of Facial Information Processing in Nonhuman PrimatesMasako Myowa-Yamakoshi10. Development of Joint Attention in Infant ChimpanzeesSanae Okamoto-Barth and Masaki Tomonaga11. Food Sharing and Referencing Behavior in Chimpanzee Mother and InfantAri Ueno12. Development of Chimpanzee Social Cognition in the First 2 Years of LifeMasaki TomonagaPart 4 SocialCognition: Imitation and Understanding Others13. Chimpanzee Learning and Transmission of Tool Use to Fish for HoneySatoshi Hirata14. How and When Do Chimpanzees Acquire the Ability to Imitate?Masako Myowa-Yamakoshi15. Yawning: An Opening into Empathy?James R. Anderson and Tetsuro Matsuzawa16. How Social Influences Affect Food Neophobia in Captive Chimpanzees: A Comparative ApproachElsa Addessi and Elisabetta Visalberghi17. Tactical Deception and Understanding of Others in ChimpanzeesSatoshi HirataPart 5 Conceptual Cognition18. Early Spontaneous Categorization in Primate Infants-Chimpanzees, Humans, and Japanese Macaques-with the Familiarization-Novelty Preference TaskChizuko Murai19. Processing of Shadow Information in Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and Human (Homo sapiens) InfantsTomoko Imura, Masaki Tomonaga, and Akihiro Yagi20. Color Recognition in Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)Toyomi Matsuno, Nobuyuki Kawai, and Tetsuro Matsuzawa21. Auditory-Visual Crossmodal Representations of Species-Specific VocalizationsAkihiro Izumi22. Spontaneous Categorization of Natural Objects in ChimpanzeesMasayuki Tanaka23. Cognitive Enrichment in Chimpanzees: An Approach of Welfare Entailing an Animal's Entire ResourcesNaruki MorimuraPart 6 Tools and Culture24. Cognitive Development in Apes and Humans Assessed by Object ManipulationMisato Hayashi, Hideko Takeshita, and Tetsuro Matsuzawa25. Token Use by Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes): Choice, Metatool, and CostCláudia Sousa and Tetsuro Matsuzawa26. Behavioral Repertoire of Tool Use in the Wild Chimpanzees at BossouGaku Ohashi27. Ant Dipping in Chimpanzees: An Example of How Microecological Variables, Tool Use, and Culture Reflect the


From the reviews:

"An edited volume answering my earnest request to broaden our treatment of cognitive development. ... I add to the list offered by Matsuzawa three more features that distinguish this volume. The first is the inclusion of material that is not explicitly developmental. ... The second ... is the depth of knowledge about individuals, particularly among the members of the KUPRI community. ... The third distinguishing feature of the volume is the use in several of the studies of the 'participation observation' method ... ." (Dorothy M. Fragaszy, Primates, 2006)

"The book ... offers fascinating insights into the cognitive life of our closest extant relatives. ... The book addresses a broad audience and will be fascinating for readers with different specializations, not only because of the topics but also because of the easily accessible style. The authors integrate their own remarkable findings with thoughtful discussions of decades of research. ... Every chapter in this book provides some novel insights, often in combination with a review on the state of the art in the respective topic." (Signe Preuschoft and Christine Hrubesch, Folio Primatologica, Vol. 78, 2007)

"This book is the first of its kind to cover such a broad range of topics concerning chimpanzee development ... . it is easy for me to declare that this book represents a landmark contribution to the study of the comparative development of humans and chimpanzees. It is a must read for students and experts interested in cognitive development, human evolution and the cognitive neurosciences." (Brian Hare, Nature Neuroscience, Vol. 10 (9), 2007)

"The excellence of the research and the clarity of the presentation lead to the charm of the book ... . Anyone interested in primates-indeed, anyone interest in how animal behavior can best be studied thoughtfully and humanely-will find reason to be grateful for this work and thereby to the editors, authors ... . Who will profit from reading this book? Any primatologist who wants to achieve both breadth and depth in the field; any one interested in the long-term and humane study of animal life." (Douglas K. Candland, International Journal of Primatology, Vol. 28, 2007)

"This is an important book for researchers, graduate and advanced undergraduate students, conservationists, and professionals working with great apes, especially captives. ... an excellent reference and guide for those interested in effective and responsible approaches to the study of great ape cognition. It is also accessible and relevant to readers from any discipline ... . This book is a substantial contribution to comparative work on great ape cognition and cognitive evolution for its impressive findings and for the depth to which it integrates developmental considerations." (Anne E. Russon and Laura C. Adams, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Vol. 135, 2008)
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