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Psychology of Entertainment als Taschenbuch

Psychology of Entertainment

Sprache: Englisch.


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Psychology of Entertainment als Taschenbuch
Titel: Psychology of Entertainment

ISBN: 0805852387
EAN: 9780805852387
Sprache: Englisch.
Herausgegeben von Jennings Bryant, Peter Vorderer

Februar 2006 - kartoniert - 457 Seiten


Contents: Preface.
Part I: Preparation and Reception Processes. P. Vorderer, F.F. Steen, E. Chan, Motivation. J. Bryant, J. Davies, Selective Exposure Processes. D.R. Anderson, H.L. Kirkorian, Attention and Television. L.J. Shrum, Perception. R.J. Harris, E.T. Cady, T.Q. Tran, Comprehension and Memory. R.H. Wicks, Media Information Processing.
Part II: Reaction Processes. P.M. Valkenburg, J. Peter, Fantasy and Imagination. N. Rhodes, J.C. Hamilton, Attribution and Entertainment: It's Not Who Dunnit, It's Why. A.A. Raney, The Psychology of Disposition-Based Theories of Media Enjoyment. D. Zillmann, Empathy: Affective Reactivity to Others' Emotional Experiences. J. Cohen, Audience Identification With Media Characters. W. Wirth, Involvement. D. Zillmann, Dramaturgy for Emotions From Fictional Narration. S. Knobloch-Westerwick, Mood Management: Theory, Evidence, and Advancements. S. Trepte, Social Identity Theory. M. Schmitt, J. Maes, Equity and Justice. C. Klimmt, T. Hartmann, H. Schramm, Parasocial Interactions and Relationships. J. Cantor, Why Horror Doesn't Die: The Enduring and Paradoxical Effects of Frightening Entertainment. M.B. Oliver, J. Kim, M.S. Sanders, Personality. D. Miron, Emotion and Cognition in Entertainment.
Part III: Application of Psychological Theories and Models to Entertainment Theory. M. Zuckerman, Sensation Seeking in Entertainment. M. Schreier, (Subjective) Well-Being. B. Scheele, F. DuBois, Catharsis as a Moral Form of Entertainment. P. Ohler, G. Nieding, An Evolutionary Perspective on Entertainment.


"Happily, the contributors to 'Psychology of Entertainment', edited by Jennings Bryant and Peter Vorderer, dissect the subject of entertainment in an engaging, multifaceted, and nuanced fashion...this edited volume is consistent with the excellent tradition of the publishing house Erlbaum...The book's introduction promises a lot, and the book delivers a lot." --PsycCRITIQUES
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