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Creativity and Development als Taschenbuch

Creativity and Development

New. Sprache: Englisch.
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What is creativity, and where does it come from? Creativity and Development explores the fascinating connections and tensions between creativity research and developmental psychology, two fields that have largely progressed independently of each othe… weiterlesen


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Creativity and Development als Taschenbuch


Titel: Creativity and Development
Autor/en: R. Keith Sawyer, Vera John-Steiner, Seana Moran

ISBN: 0195149009
EAN: 9780195149005
Sprache: Englisch.

Januar 2003 - kartoniert - 256 Seiten


What is creativity, and where does it come from? Creativity and Development explores the fascinating connections and tensions between creativity research and developmental psychology, two fields that have largely progressed independently of each other-until now. In this book, scholars
influential in both fields explore the emergence of new ideas, and the development of the people and situations that bring them to fruition. The uniquely collaborative nature of Oxford's Counterpoints series allows them to engage in a dialogue, addressing the key issues and potential benefits of
exploring the connections between creativity and development. Creativity and Development is based on the observation that both creativity and development are processes that occur in complex systems, in which later stages or changes emerge from the prior state of the system. In the 1970s and 1980s,
creativity researchers shifted their focus from personality traits to cognitive and social processes, and the co-authors of this volume are some of the most influential figures in this shift. The central focus on system processes results in three related volume themes: how the outcomes of creativity
and development emerge from dynamical processes, the interrelation between individual processes and social processes, and the role of mediating artifacts and domains in developmental and creative processes. The chapters touch on a wide range of important topics, with the authors drawing on their
decades of research into creativity and development. Readers will learn about the creativity of children's play, the creative aspects of children's thinking, the creative processes of scientists, the role of educationand teaching in creative development, and the role of multiple intelligences in
both creativity and development. The final chapter is an important dialogue between the authors, who engage in a roundtable discussion and explore key questions facing contemporary researchers


1. Emergence in Creativity and Development; 2. Creativity in the Making: Vygotsky's Contemporary Contribution to the Dialectic of Development and Creativity; 3. The Development of Creativity as a Decision-Making Process; 4. The Creation of Multiple-Intelligences Theory: A Study in High-Level Thinking; 5. Creativity in Later Life; 6. Key Issues in Creativity and Development


"This book is a wonderful accomplishment. It brings together many of today's most prominent and influential scholars in two very active areas of psychology: creativity theory and developmental theory. Their collaboration has yielded a volume filled with exciting, and often surprising insights." --James V. Wertsch, Marshall S. Snow Professor of Arts and Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis
"Creativity and Development displays the journey that good minds take together when concepts like creativity and development are being explored. The most vital features of the book reside in the common struggle to get their intellectual arms around a profoundly complex and extraordinarily important set of psychological ideas. It is this vitality that animates the work and that will stimulate any reader interested in the subject." -- Elliot W. Eisner, Lee Jacks Professor of Education and Professor of Art, Stanford University
"Creativity and Development must be considered a welcome addition to the literature on both subjects...this volume is a stimulating collection of essays that explore the connections between creativity and development...The book deserves to be broadly read by researchers in both creativity and development. Given the reputation of the authors in the former area, I have no doubt that the volume will receive the attention it deserves."--American Journal of Psychology

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