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Combining theoretical, empirical, and clinical knowledge, Stepfamilies: A Multi-Dimensional Perspective contains recent research and information that will help mental health practitioners, family therapists, psychologists, and counselors understand t… weiterlesen


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Stepfamilies als Taschenbuch


Titel: Stepfamilies
Autor/en: Roni Berger

ISBN: 0789002817
EAN: 9780789002815
Sprache: Englisch.

Januar 1998 - kartoniert - 274 Seiten


Combining theoretical, empirical, and clinical knowledge, Stepfamilies: A Multi-Dimensional Perspective contains recent research and information that will help mental health practitioners, family therapists, psychologists, and counselors understand the characteristics, dynamics, needs, and issues of nonclinical stepfamilies. Based on direct experiences with diverse types of stepfamilies, this book gives you new guidelines and strategies that will enable you to offer more successful sessions to your clients and improve your effectiveness as a practitioner.


Contents Acknowledgments Foreword Part I: The Nature and History of Stepfamilies Introduction: The Changing Context of Stepfamilies Chapter 1. Introduction: The Changing Context of Stepfamilies Chapter 2. Stepfamilies: Who Are They? What Is a Stepfamily? How Many Stepfamilies Are There? A Short History of Stepfamilies What Do We Know About Stepfamilies? A Critical Review of Empirical and Clinical Knowledge Summary Chapter 3. Characteristic Features of Stepfamilies Structural Characteristics of Stepfamilies Dynamic Characteristics of Stepfamilies Developmental Characteristics of Stepfamilies Summary Chapter 4. Key Issues of Stepfamilies Past Orientation: The Attitude of the Stepfamily Toward the Past Acceptance/Rejection of Difference: The Self-Perception of the Family vis-a-vis Other Types of Families The Dominant Substructure of the Family: The Focal Subsystem Summary Part II: Types of Stepfamilies--An Innovative Classification Chapter 5. Integrated Families: Combining Then and Now Around the Couple Profile of Integrated Stepfamilies Combining Past and Present Acknowledging Differences Marital Focal Subsystem Characteristics of the Integrated Nature of the Family Typical Issues Case Illustration: The Everest Family Summary Chapter 6. Invented Stepfamilies: The Time Is Now and the Family Is the Focus Profile of Invented Stepfamilies Discarding the Past: The TIme Is Now Denial of Differences: We Are A Regular Family A Parental Focal Subsystem Main Issues: Invented Families--Whose Invention? Case Illustration: The Fox Family Summary Chapter 7. Imported Stepfamilies: Living the "There and Then" in the "Here and Now" Profile of Imported Stepfamilies Reliving the Past in the Present Denying Differences from Non-Stepfamilies Marital Focal Subsystem Case Illustration: The Duncan Family Summary Part Three: Stepfamilies and Culture Chapter 8. Immigrant Stepfamilies The Experience of Multiple Losses Phases in the Immigration Process Paths to Becoming an Immigrant Stepfamily Combined Effects of Immigration and Stepfamily Case Illustration: The Kovarsky Family Summary Black Stepfamilies The History of the Black Stepfamily A Black Communal-Oriented Philosophy Permeability of Boundaries in Black Families Informal Adoption Among Black Families Role Flexibility of Black Families Living with the Experience of Being Different Case Illustration: The Wilson Family Summary Chapter 10. Gay and Lesbian Stepfamilies Triple Stigmatization of Gay Stepfamilies Typical Issues of Gay and Lesbian Stepfamilies Case Illustration: The Roth-Johnston Family Part Four: Helping Stepfamilies of Diverse Types--Implications for Practice Chapter 11. Assessing Stepfamilies Differential Evaluation of Normative Stepfamily Issues versus Dysfunctional Patterns Differential Assessment of Diverse Types of Stepfamilies Methods of Assessing Stepfamilies: Interviews, Genograms, and Standardized Instruments Summary Chapter 12. Partners and Focus: Choosing with Whom to Work on Which Issues Deciding with Whom to Work Deciding What to Work On Summary Chapter 13. Strategies and Techniques for Working with Stepfamilies Normalizing the Stepfamily Experience Providing Psychoeducation Negotiating Flexibility and Promoting Creativity Using Collaborative Conversational Approaches Summary Chapter 14. Changing Social Context: Working on Behalf of Stepfamilies Developing a Step-Relationships Language Challenging the Brady Bunch Stereotype: Developing Realistic Recognition of Stepfamilies, Their Uniqueness, and Diversity Developing Specific Servic

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